Adventure CV

Expeditions, racing and adventure CV.


  • Ice and alpine climber:
    • Antarctic peninsula
    • Alaska and Hayes Ranges including Denali
    • Alps
    • Himalaya - trekking peaks near the Tibetan / Nepal border
    • Soloed mountains in the eastern Alaska range
  • Rock (trad) climbing all over the United States and in the Dolomites, Italy.

Ultra-marathon solo biking

  • Many multi-day 800 - 1600 km solo bike expeditions across Alaska and the Yukon, summer and winter. Covering 130 - 290 km a day, camping in a bivy sack in the snow.
  • Regularly biked through the tundra in winter (-45 F).
  • Raced in the winter Iditabike 200-mile bike race.
  • Road and mountain bike racing in Alaska.

Ultra-marathon canoe racing

Won the 2-person female-male team category in the The Yukon River Quest (at the time it was called the Dyea to Dawson Centennial Race to the Klondike). Raced by canoe along 1000 km from the headwaters of the Yukon River, starting with a hike over a snowy mountain pass with a required 50-lb pack (half my body weight), in 4 days from the starting line in Skagway, AK to Dawson, Yukon, including two mandatory stops.

Sea kayak expeditions and guiding

  • Sea kayak expeditions around Alaska, British Columbia and Baja, at a pace of 65 - 100 km per day, completely unsupported.
  • Awarded the Shipton - Tilman Grant in the late 90’s for a solo winter unsupported sea kayak expedition through 1600 km of the Inside Passage.
  • Sponsored by many outdoor gear companies and had a custom winterized sea kayak built by a sea kayak manufacturer in Seattle, WA.
  • Worked as a sea kayak guide in Seattle, WA, and led trips for the Mountaineers.
  • Authored sea kayak reviews published in Sea Kayaker Magazine.
  • Upcoming in 2021 - sea kayaking around Svalbard in the Arctic to photograph polar bear.

Lectures and workshops

Lectures and workshops in New York City on winter kayaking, winter survival strategies, solo expeditions, navigation, tides and currents, and expedition planning

Previous related memberships

  • The Explorers Club - an elected Fellow of The Explorer’s Club for her graduate research on arctic wolves, caribou, moose and bear in Alaska.
  • American Alpine Club - member and interim Alpine Journal editor.
  • Alaskan Alpine Club - while climbing around the Alaska Range.
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