• Research and development, FAA
    • (academia partnerships) The FAA collaborates internally and maintains extensive partnerships across government, industry, and academia to develop integrated research plans that support the development of regulations, policies, procedures, guidance, and standards for drone operations. Research activities such as flight tests, modeling and simulation, technology evaluations, risk assessments, and data gathering and analysis provide the FAA with critical information in areas such as Detect and Avoid, UAS Communications, Human Factors, System Safety, and Certification.
  • FAA Certification (for the US)
    • Higher education usage - There is also a statutory provision (PL 115-254, Section 350) that distinguishes some educational and research uses of drones by institutions of higher education as recreational in nature. The FAA intends to publish specific implementation guidance for Section 350 later this year.


  • Operating at altitude Learn how to fly above the 400 foot altitude ceiling with an operation limitation (altitude) waiver. Watch the webinar.
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