Complex adaptive systems

Climate, wildlife and humans

Climate change is a cross-cutting concern within the larger earth systems in which humans are a cause and experience the effects. Humans largely overlook the enveloping systems we rely on. These systems effect and are effected by the trend in climate state, which trickles down as both a domino and butterfly effect.

Interdisciplinary approach

The study of endangered species in the context of climate change is highly interdisciplinary. My research will comprise multiple concerns while focusing on a few particular species in the Arctic, Asia and Africa, their habitat, along with regional and local stakeholder challenges in these varying climates.

Global feedback loop

We cannot look at climate change, endangered species, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, pathogens, wildlife poaching and illegal trafficking without also looking at the global and local human societies, global economy, policies, supply chain and other issues. It’s a massive feedback loop of interconnected events. Not one of these are closed systems.

Diversity of thought applied to understanding problems and approaching solutions is a skill I’ve worked on over several decades across multiple domains. I will be leveraging this experience in my research.

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