Software Engineering

Principal Engineer, Lightbend

Akka team member - software to build and run large-scale clustered distributed systems, processing massive amounts of data. Akka committer. Conference talks.

Senior Distributed Systems Software Engineer, Apple

Machine learning, AI & analytics at massive scale, distributed systems and global data platform engineering, infrastructure and telemetry systems. FiloDB committer. Conference talks.

V.P. of Product Engineering, Tuplejump

Automated machine learning platform. Helped develop the company and gain new Fortune 500 customers, leading to acquisition. Conference talks.

Senior Software Engineer, DataStax

Engineering systems for global big data ingestion, machine learning, analytics, storage and retrieval, and streaming. Spark Cassandra Connector committer. Conference talks.

Senior Cloud Engineer, CrowdStrike

Engineering a global cybersecurity cloud platform for real time anomaly detection, analytics and machine learning.

Independent Software Consultant

Distributed systems software consultant to company in Paris.

Principal Engineer, SolutionStream

Built software systems and consulted with customers. Won projects.

Senior Cloud Engineer, VMware

Engineering cloud automation platform; Spring integration framework, messaging systems and cloud infrastructure and software telemetry.

Senior Software Engineer, TekSystems

Re-architected and implemented a legacy software platform, and mentored a team.

Software Engineer,

R&D software and new project development.

Software Engineer, Summit Journal

Online adventure and expedition magazine.

Software Engineer, SeaWave

Global communication systems, satellites and services for ships at sea.

Conference Talks



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